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About us

Welcome to AKServices!

Welcome to AKServices ! We are website or (platform) which was established in Bergamo the Italian city in 2017, Now the website is managed from Texas ( USA ) and Casablanca ( Morocco ).

Our Services

How it's done.

Our main aim is enabling our customers to buy Gift Card from USA and send it to them through their Emails easily and safely using our website .

Shipping/ Sending.

It's done by taking picture to the card which we receive from the USA, then we send this picture to you through Email.

The price of service.

The price of the Gift Card is 35$ with transfer fees ( throught Paypal 36.99 USD ) and what equals it concerning the local transmitting in Morocco.

Delivery system.

Regarding the duration of sending, We usually deliver the gift card to our customers in a period range of a minimum of one day to a maximum of five days.

Note : If you don't receive your gift card within five days as a maximum, you will receive a message in your Email or your AKServeses account which explains the causes of delaying sending the card.

Refund Policy

When you can ask for a refund!

We ensure to our customers that they have right to get back their money before receiving the gift card but they have no right to get their money back if they get their gift cards.

Your trust is our priorities. that's why to make the dealing safe, you have the right to ask for a refund, If you didn't receive the gift card within five days. And of course, we will let you know the reason why you didn't receive it through your Email.

Terms and Conditions

Our System

Our service is provided with no shipping system. Our fundamental role is to make is easy for the customers.
So you can get your gift card quickly Instead of waiting days. After confirming your Email by using our confirmation system, we will deliver the gift card through email.

After that, you can follow your payment on the official Vanilla gift card website :


We have the right to accept or deny any order that we want or delete any user account if it doesn't follow our standards.

By using AKServices Vanilla Gift Card, you will be eligible to make the payment but if anything occurred is not our issue. Our mission is over when your payment successfully accepted by the third party.

Note: Our AKSupport Team will resolve your issue if you can't pay by using the gift card.

Use it in anywhere in the World to buy from the USA stores.

You can pay using our AKServices Vanilla Gift Card from any where in the world but you can buy only from online stores in the USA.
( Our Gift Card Vanilla MasterCard supports Payment On Google Play For Developers ).

Privacy Policy

Thank you for accessing the AKServices website. We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. That's why using our website is safe because it encrypts the password of access on our dababase.

Above all that, any process of payment is done directly on Paypal out of our website then you will receive your Gift Card safely without any problems through your confirmed Email.


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The payment will be made out of our website and it will be done through Paypal so as to make sure that the users are strongly safe from any hacking attack or spamming.

Date Usage

Our website applies to all personal information submitted to us, such as Name, User name, Email address and all information that you submit. Our system stores your country IP Address for security purposes and to protect our system from Scammers. To illustrate, your IP Address is the only things which we save without your knowledge because it shows us the place where you've registered from ( your country ), that's why we inform you here.

Be in you mind that the information that you submitted to us is used only to know you and to simply the process of sending the gift card.

Contact Us

If you need to know more information about Us and our services, don't hesitate to send us an Email.


Please feel free to contact us at any time, and our staff will make sure to respond to you as soon as possible.